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Safety Mottos

Safety mottos are usually invented to help people remember what they are supposed to do. Mottos tend to be a few words or sentences long, and stand out through being funny, memorable, or rhyming, so that they are easy to remember. Many companies invest in safety mottos to make sure that both employees and customers are safe while on their premises, and to encourage doing safe business.
     Below: We see so many warning, rule, and safety signs that we suffer from 'sign blindness'. This is where safety mottos rule; one large safety sign with a motto that makes us really think, is worth a dozen signs that 'just warn' us and don't capture our attention or imagination.

Safety Motto

A safety slogan example is "Stop, drop and roll", an action to take if you ever find yourself on fire (we laugh, but it happens). This slogan is effective because in the panic of the situation, you may forget what to do, so the simple, rhyming words are easy to remember and should calm you down and tell you what to do. Other safety slogans focus on preventing accidents, or recovering after an accident, but they all still work in the same way; they are memorable and should come to mind easily. Other popular general slogans are:

Alert today, alive tomorrow

Accidents hurt, safety doesn’t

Avoid the worst, put safety first

Be alert, accidents hurt

Be alert, be aware, be alive

Be proactive, not reactive, towards safety

The above are examples of safety slogans that are general and can be kept in mind anytime, anywhere, but a lot of safety slogans are aimed at just one area of your life, such as home, work or driving, and we'll show a few of those next.